Rowan Fitzpatrick is the fourth Fitzpatrick sibling between Brian and Conal . The closest in age to Brian she is also the one least likely to put up with any of his BS.

For the last ten years she had been living and working in Washington DC in various advisory and campaign capacity.

For various reasons including career burnout and a messy breakup she has Just recently moved back to Homestead to work as Brian’s Partner/Assistant/Office Manager and handler in a new venture


A striking tall black Irish woman with long black hair.


There almost seems to be two Rowans. On one hand she is one of the few people who is not daunted by Brian and doesn’t put up with his crap. When she’s like this she tends to be fairly low key and sarcastic. On the other side she can be very friendly with a playful sense of humor and “frisky”. However since she can go back and forth almost instantly it is safest to assume she’s always being serious even when she’s obviously joking.


1 First Appearance. Visits family for Thanksgiving.

2 Talks to Brian where we learn something about her plans.

3 Arrives in Homestead

4 Moves in to new Apartment.

5 Offically Takes charge of the office.

6 Runs Brian’s taxtime Marathon.

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