Petronillia Blossom Hannaford (the less said about her first name the better) is the latest addition to the Lysistrata staff. A cheerful British Goth and former Devon farm girl, Blossom is always happy to be helpful. However she does tend to be ingratiating to anyone she thinks is more important than her and bossy to anyone she thinks is less important. (Fortunately, for everyone except him, the only person to fit in the latter category is her best friend Bert.)


Tiny woman just under five feet tall. Wears her black hair cropped in a punk style except for the back which she wears long, usually encased in beads. She considers her flat chest a washboard.


  • 1 First Appearance interviews for clerk position at Lysistrata
  • 2 First day on the job.
  • 3 Helps Kate shop for party
  • 4 Attends Grand opening of Dunsany’s
  • 5 Takes Bert clubbing, gets into a fight with Olive
  • 6 In revenge, recomends Fran & Olive to Brian.
  • 7 Smuggles kitten into Lysistrata.
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