A storyline involving the beginning of the relationship between Paul and Nancy .

For the longest time the band had been trying to get Paul and Michelle together. The campaign had begun to escalate with Fedya and Shilo harrassing Paul over the subject. When Paul protests that he is may be attracted to Michelle, as anyone else, the two of them have no chemistry together. Fedya assures him that this is not a problem and that Michelle is probably thinking about him as they speak.

This in fact turns out to be true but only in the context of finding a boyfriend for Nancy. Nancy had recently had a run in with Brian and her usual cynical curmudgeonly outlook has turned into outright hostility to anyone stupid enough to open their mouths in her presence.

Michelle thinks this might be due to Nancy being reminded of a long past relationship gone sour and decides what Nancy needs is someone on the rebound. She goes to the band's practice loft and asks Paul if he;d like to go on a date.

At first Paul is amazed when Michelle asks him if he wants to go on a date. He immediately says he will only to discover that Michelle meant a date with Nancy.

Paul is terrified over this impending doom and tries prepare himself for the inevitable. His hopes are not raised when Brian describes Nancy as evil.

Nancy in the mean time isn’t amused either Especially since Michelle went behind her back asking her boss for help. Michelle finally makes Nancy agree to the date by offering her the chance to help her with a favor for Kris.

The day of Paul and Nancy’s date. Michelle goes and tells the band that they are not allowed to interfere with it. As a way to get the rest of the band to stop worrying, especially the frantic Gage, Fedya manipulates them to go with him on a road trip to Vancouver.

Paul and Nancy’s “date” isn’t a complete disaster. They discover they share a mutual love for New York style Deli sandwiches. It Nancy is impressed by Paul’s backbone. She proposes a plan to get Michelle off their back by staging a handful of dates, which will end in a dramatic breakup.

The two go home ending their night with a handshake. Both get interrogated by friends when they get home

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