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Michelle 's best friend and housemate.


Nancy is a tall, striking Asian woman. Her facial features are frequently described as “sharp” and “angular” Her default expression seems to be a frown. She currently wears her hair short in a “jazz age” fashion.


Nancy is cynical, curmudgeonly, misanthropic, and is the only person who seems uncharmed by Michelle’s charisma.



Nancy and Michelle have been best friends at least as far back as college. No one is quite sure why as the two of them are complete polar opposites in temperament.


Nancy and Brian have a history that neither will talk about. They both claim to hate each other and Brian has described Nancy as "evil ". When they meet the result is either cold anger or both being extremely flustered. On occasion Brian's repeated advances on Kate have disgusted Nancy and left her depressed and irritable for several days.


Michelle has been trying to hook Paul and Nancy up for some time. In an effort to get her off their case they have been pretending to have a relationship. Over time they seem to have hit it off and have been seen socializing (but NOT dating). This is a subject they are both in denial about.


1 First appearance

2 Shops for an attack dog.

3 Gets her attack dog.

4 Drags Kate to a shopping trip.

5 Goes on Date with Paul.

6 Goes to see the final game of the world series with Paul.

7 New Haircut

8 Karaoke Night

9 Attends Convention