A clerk at the Department of Minor Nuisances . Presumably he started out as one of the demon temps transferred from Hell to help with the Circle Band case.


Mr. Large Hideous Bull Creature appears to be at least ten feet tall and while his face has never been seen his silhouette has a passing resemblance to the demon from Fantasia.


Despite his size, appearance and voice (which nobody seems to notice) Mr. Large Hideous Bull Creature seems to be quiet and shy and more then happy to step out of the way of other department employees (Like Mr. Fluffybear )


1 First Day at the Department (chastised for chewing gum.)

2 Gets into an argument with Mr. Fluffybear

3 Brought in to help plan Gage's lucky day

4 Gives Dielle a ride

5 Monitors Gage's Lucky Day with Mr. Fluffybear.

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