One of Kate’s best friends from way back, Laurel is a defense attorney and social advocate who works at a Free Legal Clinic. Quixotic to the extreme, she has an ambitious streak that somewhat tarnishes her intentions... While she sincerely believes in the good she is doing she also sees each achievement as the next step to doing more.


Laurel is a woman in her mid thirties of average height. She is about ten pounds overweight giving her a pleasant rubenesque look. She wears her blonde hair short and wears fashionable steel rimmed glasses. She generally dresses professionally during working hours. But frequently wears T-shirts with political slogans on her off hours.


1 First Appearance

2 First encounters Brian.

3 Brings Brian in as a consultant

4 Has Strategy Meeting with Brian

5 Presteign Case

6 Meets the Presteign who concedes Presteign Case

7 Attends Kate’s party.

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