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Katherine “Kate” Jennersten: Paul’s other neighbor. Bookstore owner, social activist, closet romance novelist and Brian ’s obsession. She is smart, beautiful, serious and responsible. Kate’s greatest frustration is how her ideals keep smashing against the brick wall of reality. She perseveres by running Lysistrata Books, a feminist and leftwing book store, and maintaining a “literary career” of questionable value.


Tall statuesque blonde woman of Swedish descent. Usually dresses down in jeans and t-shirts and wears her long hair either in a pony tail or bun (Which she uses to store pencils)


Kate left college with a double major in English and poli-sci, intending to simultaneously be the next Upton Sinclair and Gloria Steinham. Soon after, to her horror, she discovered a knack for writing trashy romances. Her first novel, “Passion of the Nightingale”, paid off her student loans. Five others soon followed. In order to deal with her shame, and the private belief that she was becoming a class traitor, she used the proceeds to subsidize Lysistrata Books


Brian []

Brian is utterly devoted and obsessed with Kate which Kate finds extremely annoying. However he has yet been enough of a nuisance for Kate to either get a restraining order or another apartment.

Stefan []

Stefan and Kate have been going out for some time now. They're having a lot of fun but it's unclear if there's any more to it than that.


1 First Appearance

2 We are introduced to Kate’s “literary career”

3 Writes “My Evening with Che”

4 Helps Laurel with her court case.

5 Goes to Fundraiser Ball

6 Meets Richard Okubo

7 Goes on Signing Tour.

8 Throws party

9 Gets dragged to Dunsany’s grand opening, meets Stefan

10 Goes to Inaugeral Ball in Delphi

11 First Date with Stefan