The Circle Band’s lead guitarist. A “Good ol’ boy from Georgia” (Tblisi, not Atlanta). An ethnic Russian from the Republic of Georgia, Fedya is the son of a career bureaucrat who stayed on after the collapse of the USSR. Fedya fought in Afghanistan during the end of the Soviet Occupation and walks with a slight limp. He is very proud of his veteran status. Fedya has been living in the United States for five years. He speaks with a thick accent, though a lot of the band thinks that at least part of it is an affectation. Fedya enjoys complaining about “bourgeois decadence”, although his favorite Marxist is Harpo. He is an unrepentant chain smoker. The unnamed brand that he prefers is pleasantly reminiscent of burning plastic. Fedya is outgoing and gregarious, with a good-natured sense of humor. Fedya likes to play the role of the band’s “class clown”, this façade hides…a lot.


Tall wiry Russian man. Wears his hair in what is technically a mohawk but combs it to the side. Has multiple tattoos which includes a chain of stars wrapped around his right arm from wrist to up past his shoulder, a black Russian two headed eagle on his left shoulder, the virgin Mary on his back, a large orthodox cross on his chest and a black circle band logo directly over his heart.


2005-11-21 Goes to Science Fiction Convention

2006-08-30 Takes most of the band to Vancouver on a “Slurpee Run”

2007-11-08 Goes on tour in China

2008-02-25 And lost on the way back.

2008-09-22 Attends Mabon ceremony

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