Kate's friend Laurel Olsen comes to Lysistrata to brag about her client who has a legitimate grievance for a class action lawsuit against the Presteign Corporation . Despite her excitement Laurel realizes that while this case is primarily for publicity she knows it won’t even get to court without the help of a financial expert who can shoot down all of the arguments that Presteign’s defense has to offer. As if on cue Brian shows up in Lysistrata and happily volunteers to help go over Presteign’s accounts for them (a little too quickly for Kate’s taste.

A couple of months later, Brian is contacted by Laurel who has finally gotten a court date for the Presteign Corporation law suit and invites him to lunch for a parlay. Brian presents her with a battle plan that leaves Laurel in a shocked silence.

When the trial finally takes place. Brian terrifies the lead attorney, Edward Rothko, with his five-hour testimony. The next day Laurel and Brian are summoned to the law offices of Flynn, Rothko, Hong and associates. There the CEO of the Presteign Corporation is waiting for them. He appears to know Brian and informs Laurel he had terminate the division targeted by the lawsuit and then calmly accedes to all of her other demands making it sound more like a threat then a surrender.

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