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Brian Fitzpatrick is Paul’s next-door neighbor at the Tir Al Nog Apartments. His parents, Frank and Annie Fitzpatrick, own the apartment building. It is his presence on the third floor (a very nice set of apartments) that keeps the cost so low. Brian is someone who has to be seen to be believed. Despite his many faults he is otherwise brilliant. He is a mathematical prodigy and an utter wizard at accounting. He enjoys playing with fractals and game theory in his spare time. Brian is a legend in his field - both as an object lesson and as something to aspire to.

Brian’s career is a series of crash and burn disasters. He has made and lost several fortunes. During one of these periods he bought the Tir Al Nog Apartments and gave them to his parents as a tax write-off. Brian has either acquired and sold, or been fired from, nearly every major accounting firm on the west coast. (He scares other accountants.) Despite this erratic job history he has been able to make a comfortable living freelancing. Recently he has gone into partnership with his sister Rowan, opening up a storefront office across the street from Lysistrata Books in the Trout Debs District


Brian is a tall, thin, man of Black Irish descent. Has a beard Impeccably groomed and dresses well, nearly always wearing a shirt and tie favoring pastels.


Brian is smart, arrogant, impulsive, erratic, obsessive, lacking in non-financial subtlety, and unable to stand still for over a minute. For all of his brilliance he tends to be socially clueless.



Brian is utterly completely utterly devoted to and obsessed with Kate. This annoys Kate. But the nuisance factor has yet made her move out of her apartment or get a restraining order.


Brian and Nancy have a history that neither will talk about. They both claim to hate each other and Brian has described Nancy as "evil ". When they meet the result is either cold anger or both being extremely flustered.


1 First Appearance

2 Only gets Decaf

3 Venus in Army surplus.

4 Runs into Nancy

5 "Helps" with Kate's literary career.

6 Brought in to assist in a class action lawsuit.

7 Invites Kate to posh fundraiser.

8 Another encounter with Nancy.

9 Goes to fundraiser with Kate

10 Gets summoned to testify at Class Action Lawsuit.

11 Again, what is it with Brian and Nancy?

12 Backroom negotiations.

13 Makes Valentine's Day Chocolate.

14 Does tax statements for a homeless shelter.

15 Advises the Dudley Campaign.

16 Goes into business with sister, Rowan.

17 Hires Fran and Olive for clerical work.

18 Fitzpatrick Consulting's Office is open for business.

19 Stages a Tax time charity event and publicity stunt